Client. Lovatt Foundation Org.

Web Design. Logo. Social Media.

The Brief.

Create a logo, social media presence and responsive website for this charitable organisation from New Zealand, working in Northern Nigeria, helping to deliver high value, grass-root level projects. The logo to be reflecting the work with children and include 'something local to the area'.
The website had to have several functions: Ability to collect wordwide donations using several different methods (PayPal UK and US, GoFundMe and a remittance service). An easy to operate method to keep donors up-to-date with the progress of the projects. Utilizing social media (Facebook and Twitter) for updates, appeals and to share information on a dedicated page with messaging system.

The Work.

The Testimonial.

"I personally, thoroughly, and wholeheartedly recommend Ocho.Works. Not only was I given a beautiful site and a logo that represents beautifully what we do but I was given an education worth a bundle. Ocho.Works has been brilliant to work with, coping with all the personalities across the world and multiple communication platforms, my poor connectivity (in Kano), and (my) considerable ICT fears. I now can blog. Another member can do web writing. We are all up-skilled through their excellent tuition and guidance."

Fiona Lovatt

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