Client. Electronic Health Network Inc (US).

System Design (front end). Usability. Logo. Web.

The Brief.

We joined a team of developers in the US a few weeks into the built of Eclipse, a Provider Portal that is a web-based application that grants providers and medical staff simple access to community-wide information on their patients and seemlessly connects to an existing Health Exchange software. The brief was to design the entire user interface of the platforms visible dashboard with the user experience in the forefront of development. Intuative, simple, easy to use, fresh and 'not boring' were some of the adjectives given. The platform user was to log into the online system via a simple web page and a logo for Eclipse was also required.

The Work.

The Testimonial.

"Chaela of Ocho Works has a very keen eye for aesthetics that directly translate to usability. The design that she created reduced training time required for the end user. This is very difficult in healthcare since the market is plagued with overly complex user interfaces. Her concept of simplifying complex processes for the user truly benefited our organization and application. In addition her ability to communicate our requirements and work directly with developers allowed us to meet our deliverables on time."

Aadli Abdul-Kareem, Managing Partner

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