Client. Bohem Brewery Ltd (UK).

Web. Brand. Business Consulting. Marketing. Social Media.

The Brief.

Start-up Consultancy and holistic design package with a need to earn funds to reinvest in order to grow slowly. Creating events to promote the beer and build a following. Build a website with e-commerce for local order/delivery for bottles and kegs. Grow a recognizable brand that is fun, using social media.

The Work.

The Testimonial.

"It has been 9 eventful and educational months from the day we engaged Ocho Media’s. The experience was entirely positive and started with flyers for the local market and researching the area and potential customers. Taste-cards had people try our craft beers with more awareness and social media took off like wild-fire. We bottled our beers 3 months ahead of schedule with everything promotional covered and recently opened our taproom approximately 6 months ahead of time. Ocho Media was mindful of our operational side, it’s limitations and capabilities as well as always knew what our target customers wanted. Their designs for marketing developed into a brand that is traditional yet fun. Ideas were well researched and executed on a minuscule budget. Bohem Brewery Ltd is recommending Ocho Media wholeheartedly and without reservation. Na zdraví!"

Bohem Brewery Management

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